Meet our team

Our Mission

As a player in the Quebec bioeconomy, we have the following missions:


To develop clean technologies as an ecological alternative to petro-based plastics, in this case PEbd No4 - Low density polyethylene, for use in packaging films (primary for agricultural products) and plasticulture.


To contribute, as a player in the bioeconomy, to an environmentally friendly economy that uses natural resources in a more efficient and sustainable manner, inducing an almost zero carbon footprint, emitting zero waste and without compostability issues in landfill sites.


To create wealth, respecting the limits of the planet, according to a circular economy model that integrates into the 3RV-E cycle, by:

  • Rethinking our modes of production and consumption to consume fewer resources and protect the ecosystems that generate them,

  • Optimizing the use of our resources in our daily operations

  • Inducing less environmental impact,

  • Solving upstream organic waste management (GMR) and downstream end-of-life management of conventional plastic.


To contribute to eliminating organic materials at the source in Quebec by adding value to these organic waste materials, by standing out through innovation, efficiency and continuous improvement.


We emphasize: human, innovation and sustainability.


Well-being, simplicity and respect for people, the integrity of individuals and the company, team spirit and sharing are our most important values that we will commit to and employees will never compromise through:

  • Internal and external customer satisfaction and proximity.
  • Continuous training of employees, suppliers, customers and users,
  • A commitment of loyalty to our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and users.


We advocate open-mindedness, taking initiatives to involve all employees in optimizing current processes as well as integrating new processes.

  • In strict compliance with environmental protection, hence our growing appetite for the search for new technologies respecting environmental standards in the field of agri-food bioplastic to continue offering ecological products.
  • Taking into account feedback in order to eco-design the most effective and durable personalized products.


We are proud to manufacture eco-responsible products that emit zero waste, provide a certain peace of mind to users and contribute to the protection of the environment. We are committed to offering a solution that allows packaging bag manufacturers and producers to save money.