To contribute significantly to the transition to a more sustainable economy, Exclusiv'Or Inc. also offers a range of services to meet market needs.

Technology license Technology

Another strategy is to monetize innovation by granting technology licenses to other companies interested in using the technology developed by Exclusiv'Or Inc. to produce their own biosourced products. This will involve licensing agreements with companies in related sectors looking to develop sustainable solutions, but who do not have the internal capabilities to do so.

Partnerships strategic

Exclusiv'Or Inc. also envisages strategic partnerships with complementary companies in the value chain, such as packaging manufacturers or agri-food product distributors. These partnerships will involve co-branding or distribution arrangements, where Exclusiv'Or Inc. provides its biosourced products to partners who integrate them into their own products or distribute them to their customers.

Consulting and training services

As an expert in the field of potato waste valorization and bioproduct production, Exclusiv'Or Inc. will offer consulting and training services to other companies or organizations interested in adopting similar sustainable practices. These services will include advice on the implementation of agricultural waste valorization processes, as well as training on the use of bioplastics and other biosourced products.

Contract research and development services

Exclusiv'Or Inc. can also generate revenue by offering contract research and development services to third parties. This will include collaborations with other companies or research institutions to develop new applications or improve existing production processes in the field of bioproducts and clean technologies.